I've been doing some reflecting on why on Earth am I so passionately engaged into this whole other world of photography while I am I busy mom, wife, and school teacher. The answer came to my simple question, came rather quickly.


Why Photography?


MY LOVE OF THIS MOMENT. This perfect and fleeting moment. 
Many years ago, I never would have thought that I would be clinging on to any and every image I could find of me with my father. I'm so grateful that my mother was an avid photographer and took pictures of every part of our lives growing up. But as I grew up, those images with me and him became fewer and farther between.  High school years came and then college and my memory books filled with friends and moments I thought I would cling to forever. And still our images stretched thinner and thinner. My favorite to this day is the one on a very important day in my life, and it is one I will treasure forever and I hope my children will cherish it and the memories with it for generations to come. It's when my first born came into the world that I wanted to capture it all and savor every single breath that he took. Because now I know all too well that today (this moment right now)  is really our most precious gift that we have.  

Today is truly God's gift to us and I honor Him by using the talents He has placed in my hands and my heart by capturing His glory. Looking back into these moments with friends, family and complete strangers that have become friends, I see His grace and His love for each and every one of us.  Savoring the moment and seeing the beauty in the present (even the messy, chaotic, mountain in your way moments) is how I can honor Him. Yes, I may be praying to win the lottery and not ever have to worry about finances and bills again...but I'm pretty sure I've already hit the lottery of life. Knowing Him, and seeing Him in the love of all these amazing people all around me. From complete strangers to fast and furious friends, we are all wanting to hold on to these moments He has given us.  
To God be the Glory.